Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to try surfing, what should I do?

Just send an e-mail to: or use our form.

I have never been in the sea. Can I surf?

Of course, depending on the sea conditions! But at the outset of course it is.
All participants have a life jacket.

I can't swim! Is it dangerous to move on to surfing?

Danger is present in all aspects of life. As long as you respect the sea and our instructions, nothing will happen to you.
In any case, in the first stage, you will wear a life jacket for your protection.

Do I need to have my own surfboard or wetsuit?

Not at first, SURFaddict has material available for you to use.
Then, as you become more autonomous, you should buy your own material.

Can I ever be autonomous in surfing?

Surfers have the principle of never surfing alone. Based on this, your autonomy will be all the help you need.